By Jacques Declas Founder & CEO 42Crunch

“Capital” conjures up thick theoretical volumes associated with names ranging from Karl Marx to more recently Thomas Pickety. Entrepreneurs understand that capital plays of course such a crucial role and therefore deserves such long essays and debates. At 42Crunch, our experience of capital has been two ways. 42Crunch will start in the new year its final round of investment to take the company to its next level of development particularly into Japan and Asia and also the Middle East. We are extremely grateful to our shareholders who in the early days provided the capital to get 42Crunch where it is now. The relationship with them has been key. The other side of capital is the human capital which has been the cornerstone of 42Crunch. Our team of engineers, security experts, architects have developed 42Crunch’s cloud based enterprise grade API security platform. The skills, dedication and drive of our team,allowed 42Crunch to bring the first and most innovative API security solution to the global market. Ultimately the two sides of capital go back to the human belief, the belief of our investors and the belief of our team. So we’ll be ever grateful in Lan’s early vision, commitment and capital support have which had made sure that 42Crunch in 2020 find itself as the technology leader in the future of the Web Application security market. Jacques Declas, founder and CEO of 42 Crunch, is an entrepreneur with more than 20 years in the Enterprise Software industry and a record of scaling international sales team. He has an extensive knowledge of the API Security market having served in senior VP roles in Forum Systems, Vordel (acquired by Axway) and Intel. During his career Jacques has built worldwide partnership with Software vendors such as Computer Associates, Oracle and Microsoft and leading consulting firms such as Accenture, Atos and CSC. Jacques holds a bachelor of Financial Management and European Business Law. 42Crunch The 42Crunch platform provides a set of integrated tools to easily build security into the foundation of your API and enforce those policies throughout the API lifecycle. By delivering security as code you enable a seamless DevSecOps experience, allowing innovation at the speed of business without sacrificing integrity. Audit, Scan, Protect. Run 200+ security audit of the Open API specification definition with detailed security scoring to help developers define and strengthen API contract. Scan live API endpoints to discover potential vulnerabilities and discrepancies of the API implementation against the API contract. Launch service to protect APIs and apply policies that can be deployed in our lightweight, low-latency micro API firewall.