By Jean-Loïck Michaux Founder & CEO Serendipia Life, Inc.

We make social living automated, affordable, scalable and fun. We create a seamless living as-a-service experience where all you need for your daily life is provided in our houses you can buy, book, and subscribe from our marketplace. Coming along an operating system for coliving spaces and community management connected to iOT devices and smart home appliances: SerendipiaOS. We reinvent the way people live where hospitality meets technology in harmony with nature. This is the future of PropTech! We opened our first house in May 2016 in North Beach, San Francisco and we hosted more than 500 changemakers, entrepreneurs, digital nomads and students from more than 50 countries. We have had more than $650,000 in revenue with $250,000 for 2019. We received more than 220 reviews with an average of 4.86*/5 on Facebook, Google,,and Airbnb. Now we are operating two houses totalling 27 beds. In 2019 we received a full scholarship to attend Tim Draper’s preaccelerator Draper University in San Mateo, California. We got featured as the 2nd best AMA of 2019 on HackerNoon, and recently got accepted into one of the top 3 best accelerators worldwide for start-ups which we are entering soon but it cannot be public yet. Big Vision SerendipiaLife is changing the world because the human species is a social creature. Since prehistory to nowadays, and into the future, human connections will always stay in the center of everything we do as society. Look how quickly social media spread. I expect coliving to spread almost as fast because it has the power to heal society from depression and loneliness. EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE ACCESS TO COLIVING because it creates belonging and give people a safe space they can call home. We envision a global network of community coliving that knows no boundaries, where we are all one despite of races, language and backgrounds. We can also see themed houses where we will have chefs who can teach each other to cook, entrepreneurs help each other build their companies, or children living with elderly. We reinvent the way people live together where hospitality meets technology in harmony with nature.