By Joel & Isaac Phillips Co-Founders Siglo

Siglo is a new kind of Internet company that brings hyper fast connection speeds to underconnected homes in emerging market cities. While incumbent internet companies (ISPs) are struggling to find a way to upgrade to 5G networks, Siglo sees a window of opportunity to build a gigabit speed fixed wireless network, where the community itself not only reaps the benefit of fast internet, but becomes the impetus in building and growing the network, providing income to those who participate. In an industry still dominated by unwieldy overhead and outdated practices, Siglo is a home Internet ecosystem that is 100% appbased, and partners with community members who host Siglo Edge Nodes on their rooftops, bringing gigabit Internet into their neighborhoods and providing the host with income when they share that with neighbors. Making use of a decentralized crowd-force of certified user-workers that perform many of the tasks needed to run the ecosystem, these users provide first level customer service, do last mile installations, collect payments, and earn from sales referrals. Free Basic Internet is offered to anyone who purchases a modem to connect. Upgrading to hyper fast connectivity costs less than anything else in the market. The Siglo wallet is also a vital part of the ecosystem and its success. Siglo uses blockchain technology for validating access and payments. Connectivity is essential for a successful payment platform that works at scale in largely unbanked markets. Siglo has already launched its first community node and has instant traction, building on top of cofounders Joel and Isaac Phillips' previous platform - a connectivity / micro-task network with 1.5M users in its database. Cofounder Omar Bakr is network architect (cofounder ofTaranaWireless).