By Eduardo Javier Muñoz CEO BMC Arcbravo

A Delaware registered corporation, in process of becoming a Holding, is the mother entity to the group. The heart of our organization is Applied Innovation, the development of new products and services around sustainability, electric vehicles for Mobility as a Service, EV Charging Systems, Lithium Batteries, Distributed Renewable Energy Generation and Storage Systems, Integrated Satelite Communication Systems, Early Wildfire detection and deforestation monitoring. As an innovation company, the creation of new products and services is constant as problems and opportunities arises in our journey in our field. Many of these developments end becoming new companies forming the different verticals in which ArqBravo is initially majority owner. This procedure gave as a result the creation of the following companies and organizations: Bravo Motor Company LLC (to be transformed in C-Corp). Focused in the development of intelligent mobility and logistics systems, including the vehicles in them, following the objective of having Electric, Shared Connected and Autonomous vehicle systems. The charging and energy storage systems might become a new unit. The vehicles are: • Electric Buses for public transportation • Vans for Vanpooling, Ride Sharing, Microtransit and Delivery • Ride Sharing Vehicle for Taxi, Carpooling, Airport Services (Including autonomous bag moving) and Uber-type services • Trucks and Vans for goods logistics • Moving Charging Station Truck • Container mover • School Bus FIT: Firefighting Innovative Technologies Inc. This new company focused in the early detection and immediate combat of Wildfires was created in partnership with the Western Coast Fire Chiefs Association (20% Equity) and 1% owned by the entrepreneur that made it possible. This technology will become crucial for the protection of billions of assets around the world lacking insurance as wildfires get more frequent and violent in California and other locations like Australia. Our first stage on an evolution on detecting and early combating fires will be the launch of a nanosatellite constellation in partnership with Space AI,a satellite technology company based in MountainView. BONDI Sustainable Transportation Inc. This company was created once our Group presented a solution to hold the Hyperloop and connect it with the Cities. At the time, Marco Villa, renowned Space specialist and entrepreneur lead a World Crowdsourcing campaign with the intention of taking Elon Musk`s development to reality, selecting our BONDI SYSTEM as the ideal structure to hold the Hyperloop and also transport people and goods from Hyperloop Stations to and within Cities. California Lithium Battery (CLB) Investment and Equity participation in our company has a minority Equity position in this innovation company in the battery materials field. The investment granted us access to the technology and a Board Seat, apart from access to high level battery technology know how. The agreement also gives us access to the material for our use, what is very important once the major Chemical company in the world is becoming manufacturing partner, transforming the Silicon Composite Anode Material in a world class compound that will change battery industry. Creation of new companies around the world using a Manufacturing Franchise style. In order to be able to rapidly expand globally in a high capital demanding industry, our business model is to find strong partners around the world in strategic locations or conditions. These alliances will give us the ability of increasing production, conquer new markets and being closer to consumers, making our logistics even more efficient. The Bravo Motor Company industrial clusters will be created in partnership with local businessmen, corporations or governments, including industrial units manufacturing batteries, electric vehicles for public and semi-public mobility, charging stations and other parts. Following this strategy, we`re advancing in negotiations to create Bravo Motor Company`s Clusters in Polonia, Brazil and Malaysia, apart from our Headquarters in California. Due to the access to technology, alliances and own developed know how 80% of the Cluster basic structure market valuation is covered, just needing 20% for equipment and assembling costs. EVShare Foundation Eduardo Javier Muñoz CEO EVShare is a non for profit organization created by the founders of ArqBravo Group in alliance with a group of technology companies with the purpose of decarbonizing cities by empowering citizens to take easy actions towards deciding how they want to source their energy and how to cover mobility needs in a cleaner and more convenient way. In order to do this, EVShare created an APP using Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning which grants the users the ability of conveniently and efficiently sharing Electric Vehicles sourced by 100% Renewable Energy. This technology integration also allows us the generation of automated Blockchain Based Carbon Credits that are sold in the market, which benefit the system and the users making the whole service even more affordable. EVShare is a Gift from ArqBravo Group and its allies to the community, but it also demands from the founders products and technology that makes the service possible as specific Electric Vehicles, Energy Storage Systems, Communications Nodes, Charging Stations, Blockchain tools, etc.