Invest & Respect the Environment at the same time

Climate Change threatens global prosperity. A transition to a lower carbon world economy has begun but significant capital investment is needed. Critically important is for the private sector to engage and for people and institutions to make tangible contributions. CarbonX has developed an innovative way to attract capital to the climate fight. We have launched a new demand model for investment in carbon mitigation projects. The first platform has targeted the financial sector and public capital markets to give individuals, corporates, pension funds, asset and portfolio managers a way to invest in any equity or index while respecting the environment. CarbonX’s model puts the E of ESG into all kinds of investment by offsetting the inherent carbon footprint of the investment with carbon credits. With its partners from MIT and the Crypto Carbon Ratings Institute, CarbonX calculated the carbon footprint of Crypto currencies, specifically Bitcoin. The analysis examined the total energy of the bitcoin network, the emissions factor of the regions where mining was taking place and the hashing rates of specific mining companies. Then with Ninepoint Asset Managers, an $8B AUM Asset Manager in Canada, the world’s first carbon-neutral Bitcoin ETF was launched. CarbonX will be applying its model to other equities, commodities and indexes in the future. Look for carbon-neutral Bitcoin Funds on the world markets soon.